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Lifting Africa to the next level

Africa has the lowest primary education completion ratios in the world, according to UNESCO.

In Europe, almost all countries have ratios exceeding 90 percent. Out of 45 African countries, only eight reach this level.

In 19 African countries, at least every second child does not complete primary school. In another 25 percent of countries, only one in three pupils at the end of primary school moves on the secondary education.

The low level of education is aggravated by the alarming rate of “brain drain” in Africa.

Since 1990, Africa has been losing 20,000 professionals annually.

The flight of professionals from Africa endangers the economic and political systems in many developing African countries.

LIFT, through its ICT training, will strive to address this dilemma by empowering disadvantaged communities with new knowledge and skills that will improve their prospects for employment, open opportunities for business ventures and lift them to a higher standard of living.

The global lift programme

The programme has two primary thrusts. Firstly, it is to use ICT as an enabler to provide rural communities with new knowledge and technological skills so as to enhance their ability to improve their incomes. Secondly, by creating ICT-trained human capital, it will play the role of a catalyst to attract investments in industries that expand employment and business opportunities.

Initially, LIFT will focus on setting up ICT Training Centres to provide free training to the disadvantaged in Africa. LIFT will set up, manage and maintain the centres with the support of the local communities, and provide the hardware, software and trainers.

Friends of the foundation

The Limkokwing Foundation for Creative Excellence provides a proven vehicle for concerned individuals and organizations to participate in strategic educational and training collaborations.

How you can help:

  • Donate computers to equip the ICT Training Centres.
  • Provide equipment, appliances, furniture, etc, to furnish the Training Centres.
  • Provide buildings to house the Training Centres.
  • Volunteer as trainers or as assistants to help maintain the Training Centres.

Limkokwing Foundation for Creative Excellence

The Limkokwing Foundation for Creative Excellence was established with the mission to develop and enrich creative human capital.

It is especially concerned that many who have the ability are often unable to participate meaningfully in the economic life of their countries owning to constraints in acquiring knowledge and relevant skills.

In acknowledging this need, the Foundation has made the acquisition of education its principal task. It believes education is the most effective key to reducing poverty by unlocking doors to employment and, thus, higher income.

The Foundation provides financial support to deserving students in order to enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills that will effectively change their lives.

By empowering them to expand their choice, the Foundation aims to bring about changes that will drive transformation of the societies in which they live.

The Foundation collaborates with the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology whose campuses across the world serve as the learning centres for sponsored students.

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